We are dedicated to helping clients get the most out of our services.

Wallace Media is a collective of dedicated and passionate photographers and videographers. As a collective, we are always looking for out of the box ways to serve our clients and make sure we are delivering the best of the best for them. Our team strives to always learn more, do better, and provide high quality imagery and videos for our clients.

Young androgynous person stands holding a camera in right hand. Smiling and facing the camera wearing all black.


Rebekah Wallace is the founder and CEO of Wallace Media. They are skilled technically and creatively in all aspects of providing quality imagery for web, print, and social media use. Wallace is a licensed Drone Pilot, a videographer, a photographer, and a natural born artist. Wallace is our lead business photographer, and finds passion in helping businesses both big and small create stunning imagery that represents each unique business’s needs. They are practiced in headshots, corporate events, real estate, products, and food photography as well as videography.

Wallace has a true passion for always expanding what they do and learning more. They are constantly striving to do better with each project and provide consistently more beautiful work in both their personal projects and with clients. They spend their free time creating unique imagery to serve their creative drive.

Young woman smiling holding a camera in an outdoor setting.

Stephanie Nicosia-Vannatta

Stephanie is our brilliant portrait photographer, specializing in family, children, and couples outdoors. She brings to each session delightful energy, excitement and passion for creating beautiful moments. Stephanie is a trained photographer maintaining a degree in her field, and optimizing it further with year-round mentorships from well-known photographers. Stephanie strives to bring her clients experience: comfort, candid smiles, and true fun for each session. 

Stephanie is not afraid to think outside of the box, which always results in unique and beautiful imagery that our clients are always satisfied with. She is both professional and personable. Having her take your family photos means being in the hands of a vibrant soul and skilled professional.